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Creative On a Journey

Дата: 22.09.2012 01:00

"The Art Indulge foundation, India in a joint venture

with Liber Arte foundation, Hungary, has

selected 4 upcoming artists from Goa to participate

in ‘Creative Journey’ a ten day learning art

camp to be held at Fonyod, Hungary, from the Aug 7, 2012 to Aug 16, 2012.

Aadhi Vishal, Raj Bhandare, Rajesh Salgaokar and Hitesh Pankar have been selected

by the Art Indulge foundation from Goa while Anita Tiwary, Delhi, Sonal

Raje ,Canada and Ekaterina Abramova ,Russia have been invited for the camp.

The selection was made on the basis of their personal profiles, art works, and

future potential in art.

The ‘Creative Journey’ will focus not only on learning of art skills but also on

personal growth through multi cultural interaction. The Liber Arte, Director, Eva

Pongracz, will provide support as local hosts and manage the publicity and art

show in Fonyod".

"Herald" (India, Goa)

An article about the  ...

An article about the event in the newspaper "Herald" (India, Goa).



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