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Portrait of Ekaterina Abramova

Дата: 30.05.2012 01:00

You have a unique opportunity to order: 1.Classic portrait. 3:00 and you're on the canvas in an academic manner. Similarities and look inside, the ability to look at ourselves and stop time, the opportunity to show their friends and family and dear to many years. 2.Portrait of a Dream. The similarity with the portrait, individual work with dreams and symbols that are in place to create your reality. Dreams Come True, an opportunity to find themselves and be in awareness, learn at home, image, and recreated the image of your help You in life. 3.Panting Dream. The picture painted especially for you. on canvas - the realization of your dreams through symbols, images, and the state. 4.Mandala. The graphics on the canvas. we communicate and share with each other information at this time, the canvas comes alive, and at the end of the conversation, you a complete picture - a pattern in which the information is woven for a harmonious life.. 5.Art - therapy. A glimpse into the inward, remove all the masks and limitations that prevent paint. You learn to relax and create. Learn about a lot of interesting things. Learn different techniques of applying paint. Write two papers that will decorate your home. 6.Master - class. Learn drawing, as from scratch, and on the themes: portrait, figure composition, still life, sketch, sketch. Order now by phone. +79035761352 Or e-mail: artikatya@mail.ru. Or enroll in art therapy or a Master-class on painting.

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