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The world of female mystery

Дата: 11.12.2010 23:29

Each woman in an entire world. The world of feelings, anxiety, joy and sorrow. She is nice, tender, strong, loving, attentive, melancholy and so different all the times. I live and watch. I watch not only by my eyes. I use all my body, all my feelings. Many moments are mixed up in my soul splashing with ecstasy on the canvas.

Women`s puzzles and mystery attract me, ant I forget I`m a woman, too. Being an artist I find myself in the world of pioneers and creators. This is a men`s world... It includes thirst for knowledge, depicting own experience. Everything we see and feel.

The form of the donator and the patroness harmoniously lives in my soul together with trustfulness and tenderness. Wisdom and intuition coexist in me with lack of knowledge and curiosity. So mixed feelings can live together only in the world of female soul. She looks down and at this time sees all world. She is a subjugator. It’s a big joy to be her and at the same time see her from the side. I like to study her as an artist and to feel her with all my being. This magic world is embodied in pictures, in a family, and I look, how another small woman, my daughter, creates the world, the life. Secret of a life sleeps in the eyes of every God’s creature.

Silence will tell much to those who can hear, save up and accept. And see the secret.

The Red Mystery

The Red Mystery

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